About a year ago my roommates and I decided we ought to do something spectacular for Halloween. We decided that it would be great to modify a car to match a theme, in essence to give it a costume. At the time I drove a white 1998 Subaru Outback, and years previously it had occurred to me that, as a white wagon, it would be very easy to modify it into a replica of the Ectomobile from Ghostbusters.

This is this story....

In early October of 2005, I went to a midnight showing of Ghostbusters at a local theater with one of my best friends. We'd been fans since we were little kids, and we'd grown into nerdy near-adults with interests in science fiction, computers,technology, and filmmaking. I'm Kevin, my friend was Will. As we left the theater we discussed building packs and making uniforms, then going up to the Stanley Hotel on Halloween and pranking them. Essentially we would run out with smoking ghost traps, handing the hotel manager a bill for $5000, and then run away. Then it hit me. "Will... I'll make you a deal. You build the packs, and I'll build the car." A few months later Will moved to New York and the plans were shelved.

Fast-forward to the following spring. Will has moved to New York, and the task of building the car is up to myself and my roommate, Austin. The first step was getting lightbars. We found the red, blue, and green lights were all incredibly illegal so we opted for a pair of 36" lightbars, which I bought for about $430 each.

Following two weeks of construction and hundreds of trips to Home Depot, we finally rolled the car out in late September.